Jason Flemyng

Just like ‘Gotham,’ it would appear that the villainous cast of “Pennyworth’ is growing as Jason Flemyng (‘The Missing,’ ‘X-Men: First Class’) has just joined the production. The actor will be joining as a new villain who goes by the name of Lord Harwood and will likely be a thorn in the side of Ben Aldridge’s Thomas Wayne. We know that the series is set to have a ten 1-hour episode run for the first season which will show how Jack Bannon’s Alfred Pennyworth becomes attached to the Wayne family by first working for and later becoming friends with Wayne.

Lord Harwood is being described as “cultured, urbane, brilliant and supremely sure of himself” while having a “sadistic, cruel nature [with] a veneer of charm.” He will be partnered with Paloma Faith‘s Bet Sykes on the series. She is described as “spirited, sadistic and sharp-tongued villain” and her role is to be “a cruel adversary who will test the courage of young Alfred Pennyworth and his new boss, Thomas Wayne, the future father of Bruce Wayne.” As these two are slated to be partners in crime, it should prove interesting to see if they are fully working together or if we’ll see them try to backstab one another as the season progresses.

Flemyng is joining a cast which includes Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth, Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne, Ryan Fletcher, and Hainsley Lloyd Bennett.

The series sounds very much to be a spy-based drama as Pennyworth is a former British SAS soldier in his 20s who ends up forming a security company which Wayne hires. The series is set in the 60s, so Bruce has yet to be born.

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Source: Deadline