Reboot: The Guardian Code

The fan-favorite CGI series ‘ReBoot’ has been off the air for 17 years and now a new iteration is coming. This new take is a live-action version of the series titled ‘Reboot: The Guardian Code.’ While the evil Megabyte is back, there is no hint that we’ll be seeing the iconic characters of Bob, Dot Matrix, Enzo, or Frisket quite yet. When the animated series came to a close, we had seen Megabyte taking control and trying to take down these heroes.

I’m sure fans everywhere are secretly hoping that this is a soft reboot which will address the fates of these classic heroes and maybe even see a new take on them come out of hiding to pass the torch to a younger generation as the first season unfolds.

You can take a look at this trailer which will likely remind you of the ‘Power Rangers‘ below!


It is hard to tell from trailers of a series, but there is more of a focus on reality than the virtual world here. There have been hints that the classic characters will show up down the line but not be the main characters in the series. Hopefully, this is a soft reboot just to tie up loose ends as things progress in this new take of the show.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘ReBoot: The Guardian Code’? Will you watch it just to find out the fates of the original characters or will this be a full reboot that doesn’t address them? Share your thoughts below!

‘ReBoot: The Guardian Code’ debuts worldwide on Netflix on March 30th.