Walter Koenig Star Trek

It might be old news to Trekkies that the cast of the original ‘Star Trek’ series didn’t all get along but Walter Koenig (‘Star Trek: Generations’,’Babylon 5′) specifically wonders what the show might have been like if the cast had all gotten along. While the actor who would play the original Chekov is practically royalty from his time on the original series; it seems he is a little jealous about the later shows to come forward after his tenure.

After ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘ hit its 25th anniversary earlier this year we saw a lot of the cast and crew making the rounds and so too did Koenig. According to the actor, “Deep Space 9 People REAlLY [sic] like each other! God, what must that be like?”

From everything shown about the cast from the space station which orbited Bajor, they honestly did get along with one another and had mutual respect for what they all contributed to the show. At the very least, they did a good job at acting that way in front of the camera even after all these years.

While we’ve sadly lost the likes of Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, and James Doohan, it has often been mentioned that William Shatner had problems with various other cast members such as Nimoy, George Takei, and Koenig himself. That being said, Takei recently cleared the air by stating that the “feud” the two of them have has been exaggerated over the years and Shatner has shown regret for his friendship with Nimoy having fallen apart.

However, if you fast forward a few years to ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ we also know that they had another set of cast members who didn’t like one another as Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew just didn’t get along.

Do you hope that future iterations of “Star Trek” won’t have this issue popping up? What do you think may have been different about the show and films if anything had the cast all gotten along? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book