With ‘Ant-Man’ due to infest theaters next week, it’s time to really crank up the promotion for the movie.  Similar to last summer’s surprise hit ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ this film is a bit of a gamble because this concept is brand new to the big screen and is based on a brand that is far from a household name.

So far, the trailers released have been packed with action and comedy, but now IMAX has released this longer, almost six minute-long clip that features the longest continuous sequences from the movie, kicking off with a long look at Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) in prison on the wrong end of an ass-kicking.

We then see Lang as he gets out of prison, interacting with his old prison roommate Luis (Michael Peña) who has a lead on getting Scott back on his feet.  Luis is also the focus when Lang’s old gang learn of his new armored suit and new super abilities.

Overall, the rest of the trailer is comprised of footage that has already been seen in other ads.

All in all, this looks like another fun Marvel romp, combining fast-paced action, dizzying special effects, humor and heart.  And this isn’t a stand-alone excursion.  Rudd will reprise his role in next spring’s ‘Captain America: Civil War.’

But first, get to know this new character here:

One line that I particularly enjoyed and I felt went a long way in justifying Lang’s selection to inherit the Ant-Man costume, was when he informed Luis that he had a ‘Masters in electrical engineering.’  So he’s not just a crook.  He has some scientific know-how that probably led to Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) singling him out to be his successor.

Are you excited for your second dose of cinematic Marvel goodness this summer?  Will this pint-sized hero be able to stand up to ‘Jurassic World’s‘ rampaging dinos, where others have failed?

Source: Screen Crush