Vin Diesel Bloodshot

We know that Sony and Valiant are hoping to bring ‘Bloodshot‘ to the big screen in a way that would launch a new cinematic universe of all of Valiant’s interconnected comics and that is likely part of the reason Vin Diesel has bought into the project. However, that isn’t the only reason he was drawn to the work.

It was the book itself and the character of Bloodshot which drew him to the project:

“Well, first of all, it was a New York Times bestseller, and there’s something interesting about how the character doesn’t abandon his humanity. It’s not heightened reality; it’s based in reality. It deals with issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. The script was one of the most interesting scripts I’ve ever read. It plays with your mind in a way you can’t…that you don’t normally see in movies. It’s so complex. It’s so well written and so well developed.”

A developed story and character that puts the action in a believable context appears to have been what got Diesel’s attention initially. The rest is likely just a bonus.

Producer Dinesh Shamdasani also feels that the actor was made for the role:

“It’s exactly what Vin’s talking about. The reason Bloodshot’s been so popular and so successful is that he isn’t an extraordinary human being who becomes a superhero. He’s an ordinary guy that through extraordinary situations becomes this larger than life character, and the thing that’s amazing about Vin is that even though you and I sitting here next to him and he’s a monster, and he’s got the ‘it’ quality, on screen he has this amazing ability that you can watch him and say ‘man, I could be Vin. I could be that guy’ because he feels like us. And so that’s what really works with Bloodshot. You emote with him before he becomes Bloodshot.”

There are many instances where Vin has shared that exact vibe. Maybe it’s his voice or his usual laid back way of speaking, but Diesel often does come across as just a regular guy. It could be that this is why he really does make such an excellent fit for this character.

Are you excited to see Vin Diesel go to war as ‘Bloodshot’? Do you think that Sony will produce something here worthy of building a franchise from? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Bloodshot follows Ray Garrison aka Bloodshot, a deceased soldier resurrected by weapons contractor Rising Spirit Technologies through the use of nanotechnology. Suffering from total memory loss but imbued with an array of staggering new abilities, Ray struggles to reconnect with who he was while learning what sort of weapon he has become…aided by a team of fellow augmented combatants codenamed Chainsaw.

Sony and Valiant hope to have ‘Bloodshot’ in theaters by February 21, 2020.

Source: Comic Book