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Last month, filmmaker Kevin Smith ventured to Central City to direct an episode of ‘The Flash’. It’s no secret that this opportunity was a dream come true for the New Jersey native as he has made it widely known that he is a huge comic book fan and has been for all his life. But another thing that is pretty well known about Smith is that he frequently brings previous collaborators with him from project to project. This holds particularly true for Jason Mewes, the more talkative half of the iconic cult cinema duo Jay and Silent Bob, as he has appeared in nearly all of his hetero life mate’s works. And that streak won’t stop because Jay will be making an appearance in the Arrowverse during the episode helmed by his friend. But now we have an idea about where to find him.

In the latest installment of the podcast ‘Hollywood Babble-On’, Smith discussed his long-time friend’s role on an upcoming episode of the popular CW superhero drama. He shared that initially the part called for Jay to be in the background of a scene as a fun Easter egg of sorts. However, another opportunity arose for Mewes to get involved again, except with lines this time. That’s right, Jason Mewes gets to be on the show twice in the same episode. As weird as it sounds, here’s the explanation: 

“He’s got a role role, and he plays like an adult, which is weird. But we had a moment in the show where I could sneak him in ‘Where’s Waldo?’-esque into a background of a lot of characters. I can’t spoil anything, but I had a chance to put him in twice. The second one was just like he’s in a big shot where you see a lot of people… The one scene he’s in, he’s got lines, the other scene, he doesn’t. He’s standing amidst a bunch of people, but because he got to wear a mask, he loved that more than the other thing.”

For fans hoping that Smith and Mewes’ infamous pot-smoking pair (or their superhero alter egos Bluntman and Chronic) would cross paths with Barry Allen and Team Flash, this is surely some disheartening news. But as Smith mentioned in a recent Instagram post that showed he and his cohort standing with the nefarious Zoom, Mewes’ dream of portraying a supervillain came true in this episode, even if he is unrecognizable. And that most definitely counts for something. 

What do you think about Jason Mewes appearing in Kevin Smith’s episode of ‘The Flash’? And who do you think the actor will be playing? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

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