Birds Of Prey

SPOILER ALERT/RUMOR MILL: The following information is just RUMOR for the time being, but should it turn out to be true, could definitely be considered SPOILERS for ‘Birds of Prey’, so proceed with caution.

Warner Brothers seems to be moving ahead quickly with ‘Birds of Prey’, the all-female team-up that will feature the big screen return of Margot Robbie, who was a real crowd-pleaser with her debut as Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’.  She will be joined by Rosie Perez as Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya, Jurnee Smolett-Bell as Black Canary and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as assassin The Huntress.  This unlikely team will assemble to rescue Cassandra Cain from crime boss Black Mask.  For an undisclosed reason, Gotham is no longer under the protection of Batman.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell
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When the film opens, Black Canary is shown to be a singer, who fights crime at night.  This is a fairly new development in the comics in which Dinah Lance is depicted as the frontwoman of a punk band called Black Canary.  This may also be inspired by the depiction of the character in the DC Bombshells line in which she is shown to be a torch singer.

The Huntress is on the wrong side of the law.  She is a hit woman for the movie’s villain, Black Mask.  Or she was until she finds out that he is responsible for the deaths of her family.

Harley Quinn was back in the arms of The Joker at the end of ‘Suicide Squad’, but go figure, things didn’t work out.  She has struck out on her own and is trying to get over him.  The Joker is mentioned but does not appear.

Montoya is on the trail of Huntress and Black Mask, “because of the body count they’ve amassed.”

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Somehow, the four are drawn together to rescue Cassandra Cain, who Black Mask is grooming to replace Huntress because Cassandra is “The Perfect Assassin.”  In the comics, Cassandra was raised by her father David Cain, himself an assassin, who doesn’t teach her to speak, only kill.  Apparently, she will also be mostly silent in the ‘Birds of Prey’ film, with her depiction being compared to that of X-23/Laura played by Dafne Keen in ‘Logan’.

Reportedly, the ‘Birds’ will rescue Cassandra before the film’s third act.  The climax of the film shows Black Mask sending his men after the team, with Huntress getting her best shot at revenge.

Over the course of the movie, Montoya will realize that the likes of Harley and Huntress aren’t all bad and agrees to help them.

Finally, there is reportedly a HUGE mystery cameo planned.  Could it possibly be BatgirlChristina Hodson wrote the screenplay for ‘Birds of Prey’ and is also working on that of ‘Batgirl’, and if WB is serious about launching a ‘Batgirl’ franchise, this could be a sweet chance to set that up.  But that is just a GUESS.

Cathy Yan is directing, with ‘Birds of Prey’ scheduled to arrive in theaters on February 7, 2020.

Source: Revenge of the Fans