Brandon Routh Legends Of Tomorrow

A few years ago, it seemed that viewers of The CW’s Arrowverse shows felt that less was more.  While ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ were the network’s highest rated shows, the team-up series ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ lagged well behind.  But over the course of three seasons, ‘Legends’ has gained greater and greater acclaim, with its willingness to embrace the absurd — last season culminated with a showdown between the demon lord Mallus and a giant talking plush toy named Beebo.

Yet the series is still viewed as the odd man out, which is something that Brandon Routh, who stars as the size-changing, high-tech hero The Atom, hopes to change.  He has released a mock political campaign ad touting the series as the critical darling it has turned out to be.  The clip is narrated by Nick Zano, who costars as Nate Heywood, a.k.a. Citizen Steel.

Check it out:

While the clip does include a few fake endorsements from Oprah and Beyoncé, the rest are completely real.  Many are touting ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ as the most enjoyable of the Arrowverse shows because it is lighter and more fun than some of the solo shows that tend to go dark in their storylines.

Last month, Dominic Purcell, who stars as Heatwave/Mick Rory, posted a lengthy message on Instagram in which he discussed the changes to the series as it evolved.


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First season of @cw_legendsoftomorrow sucked. We had to change it drastically. The writers the creative team changed its course with a genius master stroke. Let’s have fun with it.!!!! ….Now we have a show that embraces the absurdity the farce and the brilliant nature of its theme. I’m proud to be apart of this show. I was not originally. It was a dud. I wanted off it worried me deeply; cut too 2018. I’m very proud more than proud to be a part of LEGENDS, a wonderfully “Monty python- esque show”. I’m incredibly proud of my cast all of whom are exceptional talents who bring it! breathing life and lifting our amazing writers dreams off the page. It blows my mind how gifted our ART DEPARTMENT is. They continue to match and defeat every demand that is put on them. A rarity. ” oh no we cant do that in 8 days”. is a common cry in the TV WORLD not our team. They do it week in week out. Thank you !!! To my crew. I thank you for your diligence your want as professionals to deliver excellence. I we thank our hardcore base of #fans that appreciate all the hard work we do. No longer will I accept this sligh utterance that #legends is the in house joke that we are the ugly step sister in the @dccomics @warnerbrostv #arrowverse tv shit. . I know for a fact we are not seen as that within the cooperate structure. So shut the fuck up. We good. We handling our shit, we good. We family. We delivering. #grateful. 🖕🇦🇺🇺🇸🍺🌊 @caitylotz @brandonjrouth @nickzano @maisiersellers @mattryanreal @jesmacallan @talaashe and BIBO

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