Jeff Bridges Karen Allen Starman

Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges can currently be seen on the big screen in the gritty ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’, but he has been thinking back a few decades to one of his earliest vehicles: John Carpenter’s ‘Starman’, which hit theaters in 1984.  With all the reboots and sequels of ’80s properties– like this weekend’s ‘Halloween’, also based on a Carpenter creation– could this one be next?

‘Starman’ ended with Bridges’ extraterrestrial character leaving Earth, after impregnating his human lover Jenny Hayden (‘Raiders of the Lost Ark”s Karen Allen) and leaving her with a glowing orb, which he explained their unborn child would know what to do with when he or she grew up.  Because of that setup (which Bridges noted is similar to the ending of his other cult favorite, ‘The Big Lebowski’), there is more story to tell.  Bridges says that he and Allen have discussed reuniting for a sequel.

While appearing on the ‘Shoot This Now’ podcast, he stated:

“It’s all set up, very much like ‘Lebowski,’ like the Little Dude. The Dude in the oven.  In ‘Starman,’ Karen Allen, she’s got a bun in the oven as well… Just say that Karen Allen and I have been jammin’ on different ideas.”

Unfortunately, Bridges and Allen aren’t the only ones “jammin’ on different ideas.”  ‘Stranger Things’ director Shawn Levy has been working on getting a reboot made for a couple of years now, with a script by Arash Amel.  But there hasn’t been much buzz on this project since 2016.

Bridges knows this project is in the works, but not much else, as he indicates that neither he nor Allen have been approached:

“I was a little disappointed to hear that they’re making a sequel to it already, I think it’s underway… or they’re redoing it or something. … I don’t think we’ve been contacted. I don’t now if John has, but I’d be curious.”

The Wrap reached out to Levy who indicated that the script was still being developed.  He seemed unsure as to whether or not the film would ever get made, but he expressed his admiration for Bridges and Allen and vowed to “absolutely do everything in my power” to involve them in the new film, “should I get the privilege” to make it.

Are you a fan of ‘Starman’?  Would you like to find out what happened after the film ended?