Andrew Pepoy Dinosaucers

It may have taken way longer than any of us could have anticipated, but the ‘Dinosaucers’ are back! Now I know what you’re thinking- “what the hell are ‘Dinosaucers’?”! And that’s totally fair! We can’t blame you if you don’t remember the name, but we promise that you’d recognize them if you saw them.

See? Now doesn’t that refresh your memory a bit? The ‘Dinosaucers’ brand was a short lived animated series back in the late-1980’s that told the story of a group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs that have traveled to Earth from outer space while battling the villainous Tryannos! In the show they team up with a group of four teens who work alongside them to save the day. The premise is simple, it’s clean, and sadly it wasn’t enough to keep it on the air for more than a season. The show ran for approximately sixty-five episodes before it was cancelled and the fate of our heroes left up in the air.

Cut to a whopping thirty years later! Anyone who grew up watching ‘Dinosaucers’ is now an adult (unless you had a really “cool” Dad who somehow had a bunch of bootlegged episodes on VHS that you watched well after the VHS era), and the ‘Dinosaucers’ are poised to make their triumphant return! Thanks to the team at Lion Forge Comics and a creative team comprised of the original creator of ‘Dinosaucers’ Michael Uslan and comic book industry veteran artist Andrew Pepoy, the ‘Dinosaucers’ brand is coming back in a big way with an all new mini-series to relaunch the series!

We recently met up with the ‘Dinosaucers’ miniseries artist Andrew Pepoy to talk about the creative direction of the book, what brought the series back to life after all these years laying dormant, and just why ‘Dinosaucers’ is the book you should be reading! Check out our full interview with Andrew Pepoy below!

The new ‘Dinosaucers’ is currently two issues deep into its five-issue run, which means you’ve still got plenty of time to get caught up on what sounds like an amazing series! Be sure to check out Andrew Pepoy’s work on his personal website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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