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If creator Neil Gaiman gets his way, ‘American Gods‘ is likely to last at least five seasons  – as long as viewers keep tuning in. While the production has been plagued with problems from multiple showrunners and stars leaving the series, the first season was beautifully done and the second season looks like it could be continuing with the same level of quality. It is an interesting change, though, as when ‘American Gods’ was initially slated to be released on HBO there had been a six-season plan in mind. Gaiman would later say he was unsure as to how long it would be but that the first season would “basically the first third of the book.”

As to the length of the series, as it stands now on Starz, Gaiman boldly shared that, “The plan going in was to make five seasons and it seems to be actually running according to plan, currently.”

The best part is that the series creator also shared a bit about what the plan is! If you want to go into the upcoming seasons without expectations on where they’ll end up, you might want to skip this part:

“Lakeside was going to be Season 3, and that’s where we’ll be going in Season 3. Meanwhile, Cairo, Illinois and the House on the Rock are in season 2. We wanted to go there this season, and that’s exactly what we did. So that’s the current plan.”

There have already been some new content and deviations from the novel and more “things can change” as production moves forward. However:

‘The tale can grow in the telling, and there are more characters and more things to be done. There are also stories that were written that weren’t just in the novel. There’s ‘The Monarch of the Glen,’ ‘Black Dog,’ the others that came after that. There’s also a whole other novel as well, so it may keep going.”

How far could it “keep going” you might be wondering? Gaiman smiled while sharing that he “loves the idea of Ricky getting to play a 70-year-old Shadow Moon.” However, they’d have “a long way to go” before that could happen and the author notes he’d probably “be dead by then.” Even so, as a fan of the first season, I hope that they can at least bring the story to a close as they are currently envisioning it.

On the flip side, Gaiman has also signed an overall deal with Amazon Studios after how well ‘Good Omens’ has been to produce for the company so it is unclear how dedicated his time would still be too ‘American Gods’ moving forward.

Would you love to tune in for at least five seasons of ‘American Gods’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘American Gods’ is set to return to Starz for a second season in 2019!

Source: Den Of Geek