Daredevil Bullseye

Just about every ‘Daredevil’ fan out there has been waiting impatiently for Bullseye to be introduced and now in the latest trailer for the third season, he’s finally here! Bullseye is one of the most important villains in the ‘Daredevil’ mythos and now he is getting a live-action take which looks like it can do him justice.

From the accuracy of his killing to the twisted way he thinks, hints to all of it can be found in the trailer, and the only downside is we still have to wait until October 19th to start binge-watching the upcoming season. This teaser even bills it at “the origin story of Bullseye” in the video they’ve titled “Meet Agent Poindexter.”

The news came out right before the video by the head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb who during the New York Comic-Con panel said:

“I think it’s safe to say that maybe the worst kept secret in the history of Marvel is that this season we would be telling an origin story for one of the more iconic characters and I think we all want to have the opportunity to be able to say his name, but I think Wilson has earned the right to tell people the story of who you’re going to become.”

Actor Wilson Bethel who plays the villain quickly jumped in to state, “It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life having the opportunity to tell the story of how Benjamin Poindexter will ultimately become Bullseye.”

You can watch the trailer right here!


I’m pretty sure it is evident from his mindset as to how Wilson Fisk is going to sway the villain to his side. While I’m not sure that we’ll see Bullseye suited up in his costume this season, there is a hint that he’ll be wearing a hat with his logo.He does say that “If I was wearing a mask, the press would be calling me a hero.” I suspect this will eventually lead him into donning his familiar black outfit either at the end of this season or by the next time we see him.

Showrunner Erik Oleson added in that “Bullseye’s one of the greatest villains in any of the comic books, period.” As a fan of the character, he loves that they’re “telling the story of how a real person teetering on the edge of light and darkness could ultimately become an iconic character and what are the aspects of fear and how does someone like Wilson Fisk turn someone who could become a productive member of society [into a villain].”

This was already shaping up to be an exciting season for ‘Daredevil’ fans, and with the introduction of Bullseye, we should see action unlike what they’ve been able to deliver so far!

Did you enjoy the latest trailer for the third season of ‘Daredevil’? Are you excited that we’ll finally be given a live-action version of Bullseye in the Netflix universe? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Entertainment Weekly