I almost didn’t watch the television show Supernatural.  You see, I’m a wuss when it comes to ghost stories and monsters in the dark.  Actually, I don’t like the dark much in general.  I could never stomach movies like Nightmare on Elm Street or Candyman.  It only resulted in sleepless nights.  However.  Sam & Dean Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) are easy on the eyes, so I gave it a try (no sense in trying to hide it).  The first season was very much monster of the week.  I spent more than a little time hiding behind a blanket, and I only watched episodes during daylight.  The Winchesters, hunters of all evil from vampires to nefarious demi-gods, saved the hapless civilians week after week.  We learned about the ins and outs of being a hunter, about their daddy issues, and met some funny sidekicks.  It was entertaining, scary, and sometimes silly.  Then season two came along.

Suddenly, the series had a sharp edge.  Business got serious.  The Winchesters faced the first of many dark times and trials.  They had to become stronger so that they wouldn’t snap under the weight of the world.  They each had trials, and their relationship evolved from angst-ridden brothers to a tangled net of emotion that would make any psychologist run in the other direction.  The mythology stepped up too and bigger arcs about demons and even angels were weaved around the weekly villains.

It’s impressive to me that a show can come so far.  I haven’t watched season six, but every episode of season five delivered.  I also appreciate that between all the threats to the human race, the writers aren’t afraid to poke fun at the supernatural.  They even wrote a show within the show that made fun of ghost hunters – Ghostfacers.  Genius.

And yes, the Winchesters are still pretty.  That’s not the only reason I tune in anymore.