DC Universe

DC Universe has announced a timeline during which fans can expect to see the original programs that the streaming service is offering.  The countdown is on for ‘Titans’ which premieres on October 12, but the new graphic details when the other shows can be expected.  It also indicates that the first season of  ‘Titans’, which consists of 12 episodes, will wrap at the end of December.  DC Universe previously stated that it was their intention to have a new episode available every week through 2019.  This appears to indicate that unlike Netflix, etc., DC Universe will dole all of its shows out one episode at a time, so no binging until a season ends.

As for when to expect everything else:

  • As was previously announced, ‘Young Justice’ will debut in the New Year, on January 4, but the bad news is that this season is being split in two.  The second batch of episodes will arrive in June.
  • ‘Doom Patrol’, which is filming now, will arrive in February and wrap up in May.
  • ‘Swamp Thing’, which is still undergoing the casting process, is expected to debut in late May/early June and will end at the end of August.
  • DC Universe is hoping that ‘Stargirl’ will soar at the end of August, or the beginning of September.  If that works out, the show will wrap up by the end of December.
  • The animated ‘Harley Quinn’, which was teased at New York Comic Con, will arrive in mid-October and will spill over into 2020.

At the bottom of the graphic, it states that these dates are “Subject to Change.”

The biggest bummer is that ‘Young Justice’ is being split into two half-seasons, which is a problem that Cartoon Network had with that and other series.  It takes so long to create animated shows, but producer Greg Weisman has gone on the records saying that 12 episodes are complete and in the can.  That could also explain why ‘Harley Quinn’ is set so far off.

A second season of ‘Titans’ has been ordered, but it may not arrive until 2020.  There is also buzz that ‘Batgirl’ will get her own series, but that isn’t scheduled.  If it materializes, it doesn’t look like fans will get to see it until 2020.

DC Universe recently inked a deal with Netflix to distribute ‘Titans’ internationally.  It remains to be seen whether that will carry over with the others.  However, Warner Brothers is actively looking to expand DC Universe into Canada.

How does this timeline look?  Are you upset that the shows are spaced so far apart?  Would you rather have a variety of original projects available at one time?

Source: Screen Rant