“But for the pit confounders, let them go,

and find as little mercy as they show!”

Sewer monsters and political intrigue are the topic du jour of the first of a Friday night ‘Grimm’ double header.

Picking up from last week’s end, Adalind meets Prince Viktor. He speaks of her past affections for his deceased cousin, Eric, and is determined to find anyone who may have had “a hand in my cousin’s death.” Back in Portland, a young man arrives to his parent’s home as it’s being looted by a bad, rude, and rather huge man. Instead of doing the smart thing, new guy investigates and meets a fierce Wesen that treats him the way a dog would a pillow. Nick and Hank are called to the scene and take in the Wookie-like damage as the victim’s arm has been torn from the socket. Nick wonders if it’s the Ogre-like Siegbarste, one known for its viciousness and unmitigated power. While the primary M.E. discusses the physical trauma that caused death with Nick, Jimmy, a city worker looking for sewer blockage becomes the second victim, losing a leg as well as his life.

Nick and Hank are looking for answers

In Vienna, Sebastian arrives at factory and drops stuff off to Renard and Franz. After the ambush at the hideout, Renard’s understandably suspicious of Sebastian, though the latter fills the two men in on the Resistance meeting going on the next night. Back in Portland, Nick, Hank, and Wu take a trip down into the sewers with crew master Charlie.  Nick turns on his super hearing but the city life above interferes with his ability to detect much of anything, though Wu ends up finding the dead worker’s leg. They return to the station and try to figure out patterns of the attacks and possible Wesen involved when Monroe drops them a line about it being a Gelumcaedus. Name in hand, the gang palavers to find that these warrior monsters were once part of the Praetorian guard under Caligula whose powerful jaws, once latched, are nearly unbreakable. But have no fear as, for a Grimm there’s a tool for every job. In this case it’s the vambrace, a forearm guard that also packs a wicked blade for slicing and dicing. After getting some more details on the sewer system, Nick and Hank strap up, though the Grimm detective has to shake off a flashback to his zombified rampage from earlier in the season. He shakes it off and the partners take to the sewers once again. They run into the same wall sewer worker Jimmy was at before his untimely death and Nick realizes that it’s actually a door. They go through it and find a pretty penny’s worth of stolen goods (the Gelumcaedus love their plunder). Despite its ferocity, they take down the beast and put him in cuffs.

On Sebastian’s warning, Franz and Renard leave the warehouse and he takes them to the grounds of the Resistance meeting. They arrive in time to see Constantin’s interrogation—a member that sold Renard out to the Verrat. Renard shakes hands and thanks the interrogator, the one who saved he and his mother years ago. Speaking of interrogations, Nick and Hank question Gregorek, the Gelumcaedus. He’s less than cooperative, smiling as if he has an ace in the hole. That ace ends up being a brother who ambushes Hank and drags him down into the rabbit hole.

When Nick gets to Hank’s, ready to do some more digging into the robberies, he gets a call from Gregorek’s brother who demands a trade with all the clichéd villain orders: come alone and unarmed or your partner dies type of stuff.

Three on one is a comfortable advantage…unless it’s against a Grimm

Nick gets down there and finds two additional Gelumcaedus waiting for him. Three to one…the Gelumcaedus never had a chance as Nick goes H.A.M. on the trio of brothers, cutting down the first two and, with Hank’s help, subduing the original suspect.

In Vienna, Adalind admires her burgeoning belly as some spiderific stuff goes on with it as Viktor watches, unbeknownst to her.

Back at his trailer, Nick puts the vambrace away and sounds out decapitare—an old term for Grimm the Gelumcaedus referred to him as—and deems “I kinda like that…”

Grimm News

  • Wow, Nick Burkhardt is one bad mofo. He cuts down two of the three Gelumcaedus with precision and vicious grace. The violent dance is a reminder of just how tough a Grimm on his game can be.
  • Not to be outdone, Hank holds his own in both fights and it’s his help in the final fight that allows Nick to take down the original Gelumcaedus without the need for him to go for the Grimm trifecta.
  • This is the second time we’ve seen that spidery silhouette on Adalind’s stomach. What the heck is going on inside her stomach as Baby Ads grows?