Another cast member is returning for ‘Heroes Reborn‘ as we now have word that Jimmy Jean-Louis (‘Arrow’,’Extant’) will be back to reprise his role as The Haitian! It looks as if Noah Bennet will once again have his trusted sidekick at his beck and call as he is out finding new people who suddenly have super powers. He’ll be joining Jack Coleman‘s Noah as well as Masi Oka‘s Hiro Nakamura when the series returns. These are the only three returning members that have been confirmed so far as Zachary Quinto and Hayden Panettiere had both turned down the offers to reprise their roles.

At this time, Jean-Louis is only set for a single arc and there is no word if he’ll return for the full run or not. ‘Heroes Reborn’ is currently only set for a 13 episode season on NBC which is set to debut this Fall. Aside from the returning characters, the series will primarily focus on new characters that will be joining the cast. Most likely characters tracked down by Noah.

The Haitian was a major player in the first four seasons of ‘Heroes.’ His own abilities included erasing other people’s memories as well as blocking the powers of others with abilities who were in local proximity. Throughout the series, we saw Noah rely on him on quite a few occasions and I have a feeling he’ll have just an important of a role as ‘Heroes Reborn’ plays out. Since the Haitian was quite a silent character throughout the start of the show, I’m wondering if he’ll return to being quiet or have a speaking role right off the bat.

What are your thoughts on The Haitian returning to the world of ‘Heroes’? Are you excited for ‘Heroes Reborn’? What other characters would you like to see return who haven’t made an announcement one way or another? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline