Warwick Davis

Star Wars” fans were already aware that Warwick Davis was reprising his ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ role of Weazel in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘ but the actor actually played six different parts within the film! While ‘Willow‘ fans were thrilled that he was once again working with Ron Howard on the film and “Star Wars” fans loved that their favorite Ewok was once more appearing in the franchise, most viewers didn’t know exactly how many times they were seeing his work on the big screen.

According to the actor:

“The character Weazel had my… revealing that it was actually me in the flesh as it were, and it eclipsed all of the other characters in the end. I was wrapped up quite in a fair [number of] performances in the film. I was DD-BD, the droid who is first released by L3 in the droid control room. I was also another droid in that control room who gets released and goes a bit crazy, whacking his tray – he’s like a Gonk droid, so he’s whacking a tray along the consoles. I was a party droid in the tavern, just before the Sabacc game – I get actually destroyed in there, quite nicely. I was also watching the Sabacc game as that hamster-like alien character – it’s a bit like a chinchilla, actually. And, what else was I? And I was, of course, Weazel in two different guises.
And then, in Corellia, I was a spaceman. I literally look like a little astronaut. I got to ride on one of those… I think you see them in A New Hope first, those little vehicles they drive around the docking bay area, they recreated those for Solo, and I got to drive around on one of those which was quite fun.”

While ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ unfortunately didn’t make a profit at the box office, fans and critics who have seen it love it, so it is a shame that not more have seen Warwick’s work at this point. However, due to massive reshoots when directors were swapped out, the movie ended up costing $250 million to make which was much higher than expectations.

Did you know that Warwick Davis played six different parts in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’? Were any of these roles a surprise to you? Which of these was your favorite moment by the actor? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant