WARNING: Some spoilers for the most recent seasons of the Marvel/ Netflix shows below!

Fear not all fans who worried that with Disney starting their own streaming service and cutting ties to Netflix it meant the end of all of the Netflix/ MCU series. Apparently, Marvel Television is very aware of the fans these series have garnered over the years (even if they are a bit quieter than the fans of the main MCU), and there is hope for more seasons with these heroes in the future.

According to a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Loeb stated:

“We find the best showrunners that we can, whether it’s Steve Lightfoot on Punisher or Erik [Oleson] on Daredevil, and we work together with them to craft the best story that we can. Does Marvel have an idea as to what Daredevil 4, 5, or 6 could be? Sure. But ultimately those things will be shifted and talked about by the two other important parties that are involved: the network — Netflix — and our showrunner.”

Of course, Loeb in this interview was only speaking about ‘Daredevil,’ but one can only assume (and maybe hope) that he was also talking about ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Punisher,’ and (sigh) yes, even ‘Iron Fist,’ because they are all part of the mix when talking about the Netflix/ MCU, and they have all had very good recent seasons. Of course, we do not know exactly what the future could bring. All of these shows could be shifted drastically, toned down, and brought to ABC or the new Disney streaming service (which would be a shame because the grittiness is part of the appeal, and I doubt they could keep that up on ABC or on the main Disney Streaming service), or maybe they will go to Hulu if Netflix is no longer an option. No matter what, it sounds like Marvel TV wants to keep these shows and their heroes alive, which I see as a good thing, especially after all the time we have invested so far, and the fact that so many of the shows left their most recent seasons on cliffhangers (Luke is now King of Harlem, Jessica and Trish are no longer speaking, Danny now has TWO Iron Fists, etc).

What are your thoughts on the future of these shows? Do you think they will actually stay at Netflix once Disney removes everything else from that streaming service? Feel free to share your theories in the comments below!