wondercon 2019 cosplay

Get ready for another round of convention cosplay! For anyone who has never gone to a comic-book or fan convention, there is nothing quite like walking around and seeing the time and dedication that clearly goes into the various costumes that the fans wear to these annual events and the excitement that comes when you spot a character particularly well-done, or a costume so wacky that you cannot help but marvel at the ingenuity of the person who put it together.

Anyway, this past weekend I headed over to Wondercon 2019 in Anaheim for my first convention of 2019, and the cosplayers (as usual) did not disappoint. Of course there were the usual Deadpools, Spider-men, and this year, not surprisingly, a huge amount of Captain Marvels (sadly I did not get a good picture of one), but as always I tried my best to find cosplayers doing something a bit more unique, or group costumes that showed a little more planning on the part of the people behind the masks.

My favorites of Wondercon 2019 have to include the guy dressed up as Doctor Strange with a Jack In the Box head, complete with Doctor Strange Goatee, as well as the Darth Trump and Jedi Master Bernie cosplayers, who were even walking around doing full-on accents, making for some very entertaining interactions with the people oh the convention floor.

Honorable mention goes to the guy dressed up as Captain Ireland (basically a Captain America costume, except all green and with a giant shamrock in the middle of the shield) and the guy in the black suit Spider-Man costume who was going above and beyond to pose for pictures in the courtyard in front of the convention (I happened to get a picture of him as he was spidey-crouching on top of a trash can).

Check out all the Wondercon 2019 cosplay pictures I took for yourselves below, and then head down to the comments to share your thoughts on the various costumes, and let us know your favorites as well!