It looks like ABC is finally taking a new gamble with Marvel TV after they refused to push ‘Agent Carter‘ to continue on the air and have tapped ‘Wonder Woman’ scribe Allan Heinberg to create the series. The new show is going to be an hour-long drama that will focus on female superheroes. Being Marvel, we clearly don’t know who is going to be put front and center here, but the news seems to hint that we’ll be seeing lesser-known Marvel characters showing up here.

I suspect we can count out ‘A-Force’ and ‘Fearless Defenders’ due to the high profile of their members, but there are other characters who could be included here such as a variation of ‘Lady Liberators.’ While it likely wouldn’t include Invisible Woman, Storm, Black Widow, Hellcat, Scarlet Witch, wasp, or Valkyrie, there have been plenty of other women on the team which could carry the idea forward. She-Hulk has yet to get a proper adaptation and Thundra, Enchantress, Jazinda, Spider-Woman, and Tigra could all potentially be used here.

Assuming that the rumored appearance of Spider-Woman in the next Spider-Man movie doesn’t happen.

Heinberg is currently under an overall deal with ABC Studios and on top of writing the series will be an executive producer with Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb assuming it gets picked up past a pilot order.

We recently heard from ABC’s entertainment president Channing Dungey that “In terms of Marvel, we have some things that we are in discussions with them right now that we are in development. I’m very excited about it.” While this isn’t confirmed to be that project, chances are it is. If the show were to be a spinoff of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ it would be possible that using Spider-Woman as a spy to assemble the team could work and would be a way to bring in Medusa from the ‘Inhumans.’

All of that in mind, Heinberg is also responsible for creating ‘Young Avengers’ which did include both the Katherine Bishop version of Hawkeye as well as Ms. America who could both be contenders for a new series. It also had Cassandra Lang as Stature though with her potentially being introduced in ‘Avengers 4’ and still rather young in the ‘Ant-Man’ movies, it seems unlikely that she would be included as well.

Are you excited that ABC is trying to once again bring us a new Marvel TV series? Do you think that they’ll order this one after a pilot is shot? What female heroes would you love to see appear as a team on this show? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Deadline Hollywood