Steven DeKnight
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While Steven DeKnight made a huge splash for genre fans by directing the first season of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil,’ he would also be open to directing for the competition. DeKnight has made no secret that he would love to work with Marvel again, as long as it wasn’t on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3‘, but now it appears that he’d be willing to switch teams as well.  It isn’t clear if DeKnight will be working on a third movie in the ‘Pacific Rim’ franchise or what his upcoming schedule is looking like but he was more than happy to share a few of his dream projects.

According to a recent tweet by DeKnight:

This really is a go big or go home choice as ‘Batman,’ and ‘Superman’ would be big and thanks to ‘Doom Patrol‘ being part of the DC Universe streaming service, a movie featuring these characters would likely only get a home release. Of course, anything is possible with DC and Warner Bros. as they’ve shown that they’re open to making multiple versions of their characters as seen with the Joker.

With DeKnight’s fantastic success on ‘Daredevil,’ I can’t help but want to see him tackle Batman. The compatibility is off the charts with both characters having to deal with a dual life, amazing fight scenes at night, and dealing with a hero who keeps alienating everyone around him even when trying to pull some of them closer.

Would you love to see Steven DeKnight jump into the DC Universe and direct a film? Which of his above choices would you be most interested in checking out? What other DC heroes do you feel DeKnight would be a good fit for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!