Stranger Things

We know that David Harbour‘s Hopper and Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers were a couple in high school on ‘Stranger Things‘ and now it looks like these two might be getting some more time together. We saw their histories coming together a bit in the first season, and the two were immediately shipped with the name “Jopper” as some fans hoped they would get back together in the background of Earth being invaded by The Upside Down. The second season strayed away from this as Joyce had found a new boyfriend in Sean Astin’s Bob Newby and Hopper was busy taking care of Eleven in secret. Now that the boyfriend has been eaten alive by a Demodog and Eleven is publically out in the world, the reasons that these two are apart is fading away.

This is a friendship that will be reexamined in the third season according to producer Shawn Levy:

While being interviewed at the Emmys, he didn’t say that the two would never get together but then again he did say:

“We are fans of Jopper; we are also fans of combining strength with strength among our cast, right? So last season, season 2… that was all about Hopper and Eleven, Millie [Bobby Brown] and David, let’s see what happens if we pit them against each other. There’s a lot of Winona and David in season 3.”

Now that doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing a love story but when asked about it, Levy simply stated, “You know that I can’t say anything.” With the upcoming third season set to have “plenty of summer fun” you can’t help but wonder if the adults will be in on that statement as well.

Are you hoping that Joyce and Hopper get back together in the third season of ‘Stranger Things’? Does their love life on the show at all play into the portions of this Netflix hit that you care about? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Stranger Things’ is slated to return in the summer of 2019 for a third season.