For those of you that are hungry for more of ‘The Walking Dead’, here’s a sneak peek has of next weeks episode:

Looks like Glenn is gunning to fill the shoes of Daryl ‘I-don’t-give-a-sh*t’ Dixon as resident bad-ass, but will his revenge plot on The Governor get him and his group into more trouble or will it solidify him as second in command to Rick? At the rate Rick’s sanity is going however, maybe it will put Glenn at the top of the chain of command. Lets just hope his anger and blood lust for The Governor doesn’t cost him. Will his hotheadedness drive Maggie to leave him or will it make their relationship stronger than ever? Will Michonne ever smile? Will we see Ghost Lori again, but this time, in her prom dress? And the most important question of all, will Hershel ever find a pair of scissors and cut off his annoying little pony tail? I mean, I think we would settle for a dull knife to do the job at this point. All we can tell for sure from this clip is that a war is a-brewin’ and  its time to choose who’s side your on – the side of flight or fight?

All will be relieved when ‘The Walking Dead’ returns next Sunday (2/17) with its brand new episode, ‘Home’. Until then, let us know if you have any predictions or what side your voting for in the comments section below.