The Arrowverse is getting another villain in the seventh season of ‘Arrow‘ as Team Arrow will be going up against Javelin. Sure, Oliver Queen might be busy serving his time in prison, but that won’t stop his sidekicks from having to keep crime at bay. The news came from a casting announcement sharing that the series needed “a French-speaking male in his 30s” who would also have a “large principal role” over the course of the upcoming season. It doesn’t look as if Javelin will just be a glorified villain of the week.

Javelin’s real name is Leonard Gibbons and is often described as “smart and ruthless.” Smart, but not on the right side of the law as he is a French chemical weapons trader that will be going into business with Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt or Mr. Terrific. This is a business decision that will put him on Team Arrow’s radar but it isn’t clear what part he’ll play after that happens.

As the Arrowverse doesn’t always adapt the comic versions of heroes and villains entirely accurately, it will be interesting to see how this live-action take stacks up against the character which he is based upon. In the comics, we see him as a German Olympic athlete, so we already have the nationality being changed. He also is known for using spear-shaped weapons which he has quite a few of. Generally, we see him fighting the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern which likely won’t be the case here. In the Arrowverse, Curtis is a former Olympic athlete and could be part of how these two come into contact onscreen.

Are you looking forward to Team Arrow squaring off against Javelin without Oliver being able to help out? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: THS