The finale of the 13th season of ‘Supernatural’ left things in an unprecedented cliffhanger, with Dean’s body possessed by the archangel Michael.  Dean (Jensen Ackles) agreed to allow Michael to use him as a vessel in order to defeat Lucifer and save Sam and the world.  Even though Dean/Michael achieved victory, things backfired when Michael refused to release Dean and instead took off for parts unknown.  And when Season 14 premieres, with the episode ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, he is still missing.

As co-showrunner Andrew Dabb said:

“Michael looks around and sees this very flawed creation.  He sees a way to start over. Basically, he wants to make a better world.”

Unfortunately, according to Michael’s vision, that means a world without pesky humans to screw it up (again).  But how he achieves that is a bit of a mystery as there are only 10 angels left on Earth to aid him.  One delight for longtime fans is the fact that one of these angels Jo is played by Danneel Ackles, Jensen’s real life wife.  And the pair will definitely share a lot of screen time in the upcoming episodes.

As Jensen Ackles stated:

“He’s taking a moment to assess the landscape.  How useful are these angels; are they worth saving or teaming up with?… He utilizes that meeting [with Jo] as an assessment of the greater realm of angels that exists.  And she’s not necessarily the best representation of the angels that are out there, because she kind of has her own agenda and is a bit rogue. So his meeting with her does prove to be a little different than anticipated, which makes for an interesting dynamic.”

And what about Sam?  He’s sporting a new hirsute look, while he devotes most of his time to saving Dean.  As Jared Padalecki said:

“Sam’s not worried about sleeping or eating or shaving.  He’s trying to figure out what happens with different people’s vessels and different angels.”

Sam isn’t the only one sporting a new look, though.  As Michael, Dean is dressing snappier than ever before.  Get a preview of ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ in the pictures below:

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, KSite TV