With the role of ‘Superman’ potentially up for grabs, Stephen Colbert has thrown his name into the mix as someone who could play the Man of Steel! With Colbert saying it you can never tell if he’s trying to crack a joke or be serious. The comedian has long shared his love of superheroes, and while you’re more likely to see him wielding Captain America’s shield on the show, this isn’t the first time that Colbert has compared himself to Superman.

As we all know, Henry Cavill has been reported to be out as DC’s Superman. At this time his agent, Warner Bros., and even Cavill himself have all released vague statements about his future as the last son of Krypton. Taking a page from Ben Affleck’s playbook, none of them have outright denied that Cavill was done as Superman, but at the same time no one has said that he’ll be playing the part again either.

It should be noted that Colbert did notably share his interest in the style you would expect from the funnyman and has hinted that he can easily take on the role of Clark Kent or Superman just from what he’s wearing!

We all know that the studios have rigorous training programs for their actors to get into shape so if we could avoid his age – I still couldn’t see this happening.

Could you see Stephen Colbert play Superman in DC’s current shared cinematic universe? Do you think that Henry Cavill is really done playing the Man of Steel? If DC flipped the Man of Steel on his head and went an utterly random route for casting, who would you like to see play the part? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book.