Finn Jones Iron Fist

As Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist‘ returns to Netflix for a second season, we’ve seen that M. Raven Metzner has replaced Scott Buck as the showrunner for the series and Clayton Barber of ‘Black Panther’ has come on as the stunt coordinator. Everyone knows that Buck was also responsible for ‘Inhumans‘ on ABC so with his failure at tackling both of these properties, there has been a lot of speculation that the first season has fallen short not from the performance from the cast but who was putting it all together. With the martial arts in the first season being one of the major complaints of the series the second announcement also has fans interested in how the action is going to look.

These two significant changes in the crew could be giving us a sophomore outing for ‘Iron Fist’ that will leave fans wanting more and if the portrayal that Jones gave of Danny Rand in the second season of ‘Luke Cage’ is any indication we might be in for a fun time.

As to how Finn Jones felt about the change in showrunners?

“It was incredibly smooth. There was a lot of serendipity surrounding the whole of Season 2, to be honest. It was cosmically smooth. There were some wild things that happened, which just were like, “Whoa, really?,” that I thought the stars had really aligned for the second season. When I found out we got picked up for the second season, the only thing in my head was that I just wanted to come back into Season 2 and bring 110% of my energy and focus to the character and to the show. That’s all I had the space for, in my mind and my body, and that’s what I did. From August to December, I trained for five months, and then once Clayton [Barber], the stunt coordinator, was taken onboard, I started training with him. I was speaking to Raven about script development, early on, and making sure that we all were on the same page with how we wanted the character to feel this season, and it just went from there. It was a very smooth, enjoyable, exciting process, from start to finish.”

If this does resonate with audiences we might be “begging for” a third season after all. At the very least, it sounds as if Jones had a better experience filming this season, so hopefully audiences will enjoy it more as well.

Source: Collider