Marc Maron

While Marc Maron might enjoy poking fun at comic book movies, the talented actor is playing a part in ‘Joker‘ and now a few details of his role has been revealed! The actor initially made it clear that he primarily took the part to work with Robert De Niro and his character will actually be employed by De Niro’s who is a talk show host in the film.

Alec Baldwin was briefly attached as Thomas Wayne but had left the project just as soon as the world knew he would play a part in it. It isn’t clear if Bruce Wayne’s father would have any interaction with the talk show host and interact with Maron’s character or not, but it does seem feasible that if the show was popular enough it could draw a corporate CEO in for an interview.

Maron’s role isn’t a major one for the movie and he will only appear in scenes which De Niro is also in. While this could always change as the film goes into production, it does seem that he’ll be getting his wish to work alongside the actor he took the part to play across from. As Maron has recently been getting mainstream appeal with his work on ‘Glow’ as Sam Sylvia and his history as a comedian, it seems fitting that he would work in a role like this one.

Are you looking forward to seeing Marc Maron in ‘Joker? Do you think that we’ll see his part expanded as production moves forward? Share your thoughts below!

‘Joker’ will be laughing its way into the box office on October 4th, 2019

Source: THS