The Sequel To 'A Quiet Place' Has Silently Been Given A Release Date

If you were hoping that we’d see more of the world from ‘A Quiet Place’, Paramount Pictures has your back! The studio has given a release date for a sequel to John Krasinski’s smash hit from earlier this year. In fact, it would appear that the writers have to be already making some serious progress to the script as the release date has been slated for May 15th, 2020! The first movie only came out in April of 2018 which means there will be a turn around time of under two years.

The writers from the first film were already poised to bring Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman‘ to life so it is unclear if they’ll be returning for the sequel or if new blood will be writing the script. Krasinski is already set to return though it was never made apparent if this will be as an actor, director, or just as a producer. Fans of the first outing will be hoping that he has a very active role with how well ‘A Quiet Place’ was put together.

What we do know is that Krasinski has previously stated that in a sequel he’d love to see “who was on the other end of those fires” which is one potential premise for the movie that could be fun to explore. Obvious ideas would be a focus on directly continuing the first movie to looking at the challenges facing a larger group of survivors to more of a focus on the monsters being from space.

Are you looking forward to a sequel for ‘A Quiet Place’? Do you think that it will focus on what we’ve seen of this overrun world so far or give us insight into another area of Earth which has been taken by these alien creatures? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly