Guillermo del Toro
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If you won a Golden Globe you might suspect that it would be followed with lavish parties with the stars and a late night of drinking, but for Guillermo del Toro the only way to celebrate was paying a visit to In-N-Out Burger! Yes folks, the Best Director of 2018 for ‘The Shape of Water‘ wanted to chow down on a burger and who could blame him? Hell, if I had an In-N-Out Burger by me I’d probably be hitting that up now that I’m reading this.

This didn’t come from a reader either but directly from del Toro himself who tweeted:

While the movie snagged seven nominations and will likely be one of the main frontrunners at the Academy Awards this year, it is so amazing that del Toro was able to win this one! ‘The Shape of Water’ also won Best Original Score to boot.

Not bad for a movie about a fishy romance story.

Even better is that del Toro’s acceptance speech had to be cut off multiple times due to audience applause with statements such as “As directors, these things are not just entries in filmographies,” del Toro gushed. “We have made a deal with a particularly inefficient devil that trades three years of your life for one entry on IMDb. These things are biographies and they are life.”

The show even started to play the award music to try and get him to finish his speech as it was going a bit long but he joked that “Lower the music, guys. It’s taken 25 years, give me a minute.”

With a speech so eloquently thanking the monsters in his life, I’m glad he was able to get everything out and hope he has a chance to again for future wins!

How would you celebrate if you ended up winning a Golden Globe? Do you think In-N-Out Burger would have been on your night’s agenda? What do you think he ordered while he was there? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book