Walking Dead

A brand new trailer for the upcoming season of ‘The Walking Dead’ shows the leaders turning on each other!

The new look at the ninth season has a ton of new footage from the upcoming episodes, with most of the focus on the fact that there is trouble in paradise between the various leaders of the communities. Maggie is shown telling Rick:

“You told me that you’d be the one following me, but you didn’t. That changes now.”

Daryl also addresses Rick, saying:

“Back in the beginning, you could do anything.”

Rick replies:

“It’s on us to make it work.”

When asked if this clash between leaders would be reminiscent of Rick and Shane’s deadly feud in the first season of ‘The Walking Dead,’ Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick) said:

“Without a doubt. I think there were a lot of the pilot episode that was reminiscent of this opening episode and also a couple of other episodes, too. We have a few surprises as we both know but we’re not allowed to talk about.”

The ninth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ will see the exit of Lincoln and the entrance of Angela Kang as the new showrunner, and the cast and crew acknowledge that there is the feeling of new things to come on set. Lincoln explained:

“We loved it. We have to talk about Angela Kang if we talk about this season because she is the creative force this season. She’s been on the show since Season Two and I think she’s breathed new life into it and given us a collaborative feel on set and also just an energy. A real positive energy. It feels like the show that I always thought we would get to when I shot the pilot in Atlanta nine years ago.”

Check out the new trailer below!

‘The Walking Dead’ returns October 7 on AMC.