Oscar Isaac

Reportedly, ‘Star Wars’ headliner Oscar Isaac has met with Warner Brothers regarding Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’.  An offer has not yet been made, but Isaac is said to be quite keen on taking the role, whatever it is.  While it wasn’t specified, seeing him as the new, younger Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be too absurd.  Almost from the start, Reeves has been clear that ‘The Batman’ would feature a younger Caped Crusader and that the story would loosely draw from Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: Year One’ comic book.  That automatically ruled Ben Affleck out as the star of this solo Bat-film.  And more and more, it seems as though Affleck is done with that character anyway.  (His recent return to rehab certainly doesn’t help matters.)

It’s also possible that Isaac could portray a villain.  In late May, Variety’s Justin Kroll divulged that Warner Brothers had plans to showcase The Penguin in one of its DC movies, but it wasn’t clear which.  ‘The Batman’ was the most obvious choice, but according to Kroll, if Reeves didn’t want to use him, The Penguin would waddle over to ‘Birds of Prey’.  We now know that Black Mask is the menace in that film, so it’s possible that Reeves has chosen to include the umbrella-carrying crime boss in his film.

Though the character is typically drawn to be short and obese, Robin Lord Taylor’s depiction on ‘Gotham’ is tall and thin, so the films could also depict a nontraditional interpretation.  Once again, the role that Isaac discussed with Warner Brothers is under wraps.  Also, it’s possible that Reeves may not be using The Penguin after all or there could be multiple villains.  (It was also previously rumored that Josh Gad had met with WB about playing The Penguin, but that was a while ago.)

And keep in mind that even if Isaac and WB met, things may still not work out.  But if they do, it wouldn’t be Isaac’s first time in a comic book movie.  Although he was nearly unrecognizable under a ton of makeup and hardware, he portrayed Apocalypse in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

Would you like to see Isaac as Batman?  If not, is there another Gotham City figure he’d be perfect for?

Source: Omega Underground