Joaquin Phoenix
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We’ve known that Joaquin Phoenix will be starring in DC’s upcoming origin film ‘The Joker‘ and now it appears that the actor isn’t concerned about how people will perceive his character. The Joker is one of the most iconic villains of all time, and the actor is claiming that he isn’t worried nor does he care what people will think about his performance.

This seems to be a far cry from a month ago when he stated that taking on the role “scares the fucking shit out of me.”

The actor doesn’t go into detail as to why his attitude about taking the part has changed:

“I could care less. I don’t really think that much about what people think. Who cares, who cares? My approach to every movie is the same. What I’m interested in is the filmmaker and the idea of the character.

Maybe this approach will translate better on the big screen than Jared Leto’s method acting, but it is a far cry from what he was recently stating.

As to why he is excited about the role:

“What gets my interest is examining people. Some of it is really fucking simple. It’s chemistry; it’s like what you look for in a lover. You know it when it happens.”

Fans of The Joker have had mixed ideas of seeing an actual origin story of a character who has always had a mysterious past. There have been various takes on the character’s potential origins over the years, but they’ve always been left open-ended so to give a specific one almost goes against the nature of The Joker.

Do you think Joaquin Phoenix’s attitude of not caring will help or hinder his performance in ‘The Joker’? What do you think has changed his mind about the part in the past month? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Indiewire