Kill Creek

Scott Derrickson is teaming up with Misha Green and Showtime to adapt Scott Thomas’ 2017 meta horror novel ‘Kill Creek’ into an hour-long drama series.  The book’s story follows famed suburban-gothic novelist Sam McGarver and three other popular horror writers who, as a publicity stunt, agree to spend Halloween night inside Finch House, one of the most haunted structures in America.  What starts out as a lark quickly takes a turn for the worst as their presence awakens an ancient evil.  Joining McGarver for this sleepless slumber party are Sebastian Cole, a legendary gothic fiction writer, T.C. Moore who has made her name penning “extreme horror,” and YA writer Daniel Slaughter.

Scott Derrickson
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Derrickson made a name for himself, directing horror films like ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’, ‘Sinister’ and ‘Deliver Us from Evil’.  It was work on such films that drew Marvel Studios to hire him to direct the supernatural-themed comic book movie ‘Doctor Strange’.  Unfortunately, Derrickson’s recent forays into television haven’t gone well.  He was lined up to direct Hulu’s pilot for ‘Locke & Key’ but had to depart due to scheduling conflicts.  (Hulu wound up passing on the pilot, which was directed by Andy Muschietti.  Netflix has picked it up, but want a new pilot filmed with yet another director.)  He then directed the majority of TNT’s pilot for ‘Snowpiercer’, but when original showrunner and writer Josh Friedman departed (or was fired), Derrickson refused to return to direct extensive reshoots, forcing TNT to turn to James Hawes.

Hopefully, the third time will be the charm, as opposed to “three strikes and you’re out” for Derrickson’s television career.  Perhaps, the inclusion of Green will help make this project a reality.

Misha Green
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Green co-created HBO’s upcoming horror series ‘Lovecraft Country’ with Jordan Peele, based on the novel by Matt Ruff.  Before that, she co-created the Civil War-era drama ‘Underground’ with Joe Pokaski.  Derrickson and Green will executive produce along with novelist Thomas, Adam Gomolin, Elisa Todd Ellis and Andrew Lazar.

If it gets picked up, ‘Kill Creek’ will be the first Showtime horror original series since ‘Penny Dreadful’ wrapped two years ago.  And with this story’s modern setting, it really distinguishes itself from that show’s Victorian mashup.  But both series are literary in theme.  ‘Kill Creek’ features characters who are novelists, while ‘Penny Dreadful’ was populated with characters from classic literature.

Are you a fan of Thomas’ novel?  Are you excited that it may be turned into a TV series?

This project is currently in early development, so check back for updates as they arrive.

Source: Deadline