There has certainly been no shortage of DC television shows of late, which is just fine by most of the fans considering the fact that the comic-book company seems to do a better job on the small screen than on the big one. The Arrowverse is still going strong, ‘Gotham‘ about to end on a high-note over on FOX, and ‘Krypton‘ having just had a solid first season over on SyFy (not to mention ‘Titans‘ coming out on the new DC Streaming Service, with ‘Swamp Thing‘ and ‘Doom Patrol‘ following shortly thereafter). Still, there is always room for more, especially when it comes to beloved and iconic characters from the Batman franchise, which is why the Epix Network is bringing us the 10 episode ‘Pennyworth’ series, which will flesh out the backstory of Bruce Wayne’s beloved butler.

In ‘Pennyworth,’ Alfred will be in his mid-twenties struggling to figure out who he is after his time in the SAS where he became a trained killer, especially against his background of a loving family where his very kind parents (his father is named Mr. P) worked for a wealthy family all of their lives and hoped Alfred would find a similar lot in life. According to new information from That HashTag Show, Alfred will be joined in the series by Thomas Wayne, who will come to London to find his sister Patricia, meeting up with Alfred who works for a private security company at the time. After meeting, the series will have Alfred and Thomas, along with two of Alfred’s best friends, Trinidadian Marcus “Bazza” Barrington and Scotsman Wallace “Dave Boy” MacDuff, go head-to-head against the Raven Society, a group of villains including a man named Sykes who sets things in motion when he abducts a dancer named Esme Whitaker. As the team tries to save Whitaker, find Wayne’s sister, and battle the corrupt London police force, Alfred and Thomas will become good friends, with Thomas revealing his intelligence, idealistic nature and deep morals, all traits that will influence Alfred later in life when he ends up raising the orphan Bruce Wayne.

According to THS, they are aiming to finish production by late next June on ‘Pennyworth,’ with a potential fall of 2019 premiere date for the series.

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