Iron Fist

Just a few short weeks ago Netflix premiered their third live action Marvel Comics adaptation, ‘Luke Cage‘ to their streaming service! ‘Luke Cage’ followed after Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones‘ and two full seasons of Marvel’s ‘Daredevil‘. Now that ‘Cage’ has been released though, people are already warming up for the next piece of the Marvel Netflix equation, ‘Iron Fist’, which is set to release early next year! This year at New York Comic Con 2016, Marvel and Netflix gave fans a glimpse of what they can expect to see from the new ‘Iron Fist’ show with a few exclusive clips and the world premiere of the show’s first trailer! Here’s a rundown of just what transpired at the ‘Iron Fist’ panel at New York Comic Con 2016!

During the panel, series producer Jeph Loeb took the main stage at The Javits Center to talk about their upcoming Marvel Netflix series. The whole showcase started off with a quick visit from one of the stars of ‘Luke Cage’, Erik LaRay Harvey, who portrayed the villainous ‘Diamondback’ on the hit show! Erik hangs around for a brief moment to discuss the success of ‘Luke Cage’ before Loeb and his rather secretive role on the show before Loeb starts in introducing the cast of Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ to a rousing round of applause from the audience! Brought out onto the stage were ‘Iron Fist’ cast members Finn Jones (Danny Rand/Iron Fist), Jessica Henwick (Coleen Wing), Rosario Dawson (reprising her Claire Temple role from ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Luke Cage’), David Wenham (Harold Meachum), Jessica Stroup (Joy Meachum), Tom Pelphrey (Ward Meachum), and showrunner Scott Buck (best known for Showtime’s ‘Dexter’).


After a few moments of discussion with the cast regarding the roles they play and how they feel about joining the show, Jeph Loeb announces that they had actually only just finished filming the final scenes for the entire first season of ‘Iron Fist’ that morning at 9AM. The audience is then treated to a series of five clips from the upcoming ‘Iron Fist’ series and finally a teaser trailer for the show! If you weren’t lucky enough to be in the audience, here is what transpired in these scenes-

Clip One: A homeless looking Danny Rand (Finn Jones) walks the streets of New York City. He is sporting a messy looking haircut with a full beard, and looks pennyless beyond a backpack. He doesn’t even have any shoes! Danny walks up to a large skyscraper, glancing up at it and proclaiming to a newspaper salesman “I own this building”, to which he is told “you should probably sell it and get a pair of shoes”. Rand smiles and walks into the building, which is adorned with signs for ‘Rand Industries’ to ask the front desk attendant to see a man named Harold Meachum (David Wenham), and announces that he is Danny Rand. The front desk attendant looks disgusted at his appearance, and smiles sarcastically saying “someone will be right with you”. Danny watches a large glass screen that is playing a video about the company, which is when security shows up to escort him out of the building saying “you don’t belong here”. He reluctantly goes outside, but just moments later sneakily tries to walk back in. Security sees him attempting to gain access to the building and tries to stop him, at which case Danny goes full on Iron Fist and takes down a team of five security guards one man at a time, managing to get past the first set of security doors and into an elevator as the clip comes to a close.


Clip Two: Danny storms into a restaurant and forcibly sits down at a table that both Joy and Ward Meachum (Jessica Stroup & Tom Pelphrey) are sitting at. They seem very upset that he has barged in on them in the crowded restaurant and disturbed their meal. Danny goes on to say that the two of them are like family to him, while they respond that they don’t view themselves as his brother or sister, and do not want him there. To them “Danny Rand we knew is dead, and we wish he had stayed that way”. This clearly upsets Danny as he stands up to confront Ward, but is stopped by Joy. He storms out of the restaurant, but not before proclaiming that he “has Hogarth now”, and that they can’t keep what is his and what his father had intended for him. The scene comes to a close. Hogarth is a direct reference to the lawyer character played by Carrie Ann Moss on Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’, which means we can look forward to another character crossover!


Clip Three: This one is a big one, as Jeph Loeb introduced it with one simple phrase- “Hallway Fight”. A gang of men in suits (possibly Yakuza or members of The Hand)  are in the process of kidnapping someone that appears to be Joy Meachum (she is shown very quickly as she is being dragged into an elevator). Danny runs into the hall after them in an attempt to save her. Four of the men turn around and pull out two hatchets each from inside their suit coats. Danny smiles and proceeds to move forward towards the elevator, using his own full momentum to take down each hatchet-man quickly one after another. He dodges hatchet swings with ease and proceeds to break a man’s arm with one quick motion before moving on to the next man. It seems like the fight is over in no time, as the audience stars in awe as the clip comes to a close without revealing if Danny actually made it into the elevator or not.


Clip Four: This clip spotlight’s Jessica Henwick’s ‘Coleen Wing’ character. We see her enter into a cage fight with two very large musclebound men who look like Bikers. The show’s ringleader asks her if she’s sure she wants to do this, reminding everyone that the only way out of the cage is by tap-out or knock-out. Wing smiles and cracks her knuckles as the cage is locked with a massive padlock and chain. The match begins and the two men move towards her. One man lunges at her as she runs backwards and does a flip over him off of the side of the cage. Punches and kicks are flying as the two men go on the offensive and Wing blocks the majority of their hits with ease. At one point she even blocks a mans punch by headbutting his fist! Wing eventually gets pinned to the ground by one man, who she then flat-handedly hits in the face and knocks out. Unfortunately, this behemoth of a man is now knocked out on top of her, keeping her trapped long enough for the other large man to drag her out from under him and start beating on her. Coleen flips around and traps the man in a leg lock before she pulls his arm out of his socket. The man screams but continues to fight with just one usable arm, but Coleen Wing is relentless and eventually the scene ends as she repeatedly punches him in the face, undoubtedly knocking him out.


Clip Five: The scene opens with Danny waking up strapped to a bed. Harold Meachum (David Wenham) is standing over him. Danny looks confused, as Harold begins to cryptically ask him “do you remember that song I used to sing to you? The one that annoyed the shit out of you?” before proceeding to sing one of the creepiest sounding renditions of ‘Danny Boy’ ever captured on film. Harold begins to question Danny, asking where he has been, where is the K’un-Lun monastery, and what he means when he says he “is the Iron Fist”. Danny says he is “one of many in a long line of Iron Fists”, and that he is a warrior meant to destroy The Hand, and that only he can destroy The Hand. Harold looks very intrigued by all this, calculating what to do or say next. He insists that Danny go back to sleep, and that he will “take care of everything”. The scene goes dark as Harold appears to be reaching to cover Danny’s eyes.


The First Teaser Trailer: The world’s first look at the full teaser trailer for Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ premiered at this panel next, giving fans a look at what they can expect to see from the first season of the show. The teaser is comprised mostly of scenes from the clips that had been shown, with a few more smaller bits mixed in and a voiceover that leaves you feeling electrifyingly excited. The only two things seen in the trailer that really stood out and were not included in the shown clips were Danny Rand’s hands glowing with the energy of Iron Fist, and the final image of Danny Rand’s bare chest, which showed off his perfectly executed Iron Fist symbol tattoo. Overall, the series looks fantastic so far, but don’t just take our word for it! Check out the teaser trailer below!

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