The fifth and final season of ‘Gotham‘ is already jam packed with new villains from Batman’s rogue gallery and now another menace might be on the horizon. It isn’t clear how they can shoehorn in any other new criminals into the show at this point but set photos from the series do seem to hint that the gang of the Mutants are coming. Or, at the very least, the Mutant Leader looks to be making an appearance.

The actor is sporting a visor and spikes similar to the Mutant Leader from the ‘Dark Knight Returns’ comic and animated series. At this point, the production company hasn’t confirmed that it is the same character or announced that any of the Mutants would be appearing but it does appear to be the case. If they aren’t namedropping him, at the very least, it seems that he’ll be included as an Easter Egg for fans.

The Mutants didn’t actually appear in the comics until long after Batman retired, so I suspect that we’ll be getting more of an Easter Egg introduction to the character as opposed to fully bringing his origin to the forefront.

A central character or not, the Mutant Leader will be joining other new villains such as Bane, Bane’s father, and more! As the season has long been rumored to only be 10-episodes long you can only imagine the amount that they’ll be needing to cram into each outing of the season where a young Bruce Wayne finally becomes The Caped Crusader.

Are you looking forward to seeing the introduction to a live-action version of the Mutant Leader? Do you think that we’ll be getting all of the Mutants introduced here or will this just be an Easter Egg as he battles another gang in the background of ‘Gotham’ falling apart? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend