If you’ve seen ‘Deadpool 2‘ then you know that ‘X-Force‘ has a few vacancies in their roster and Deadpool has taken to social media to try and fill them! Wade Wilson was clearly not thrilled with how the last round of applicants worked out and is looking for a more diverse group of mercenary heroes this time around.

The tweet came from the official movie account with propaganda styled recruitment folder and a link to how to apply which you can check out here. In the request, the Merc with the Mouth states that “Think you’re X-Force material? Prove it. Share your application with #ApplyToXForce. Superhero landing not required.”

At least he’s being friendly to your knees in the request which you can see here:

On the application page, it reads that “It seems everyone’s… well… dead. Which is good news for you, as it means X-Force has vacancies! Ready to join the roster? Here’s how to get in on this sweet deal in 5 easy steps! (Don’t worry, we’ve got that whole workers comp thing figured out now.)”

If you’re going to have a team of mercenaries who may or may not be jumping out of a plane, having workers comp would be useful.

Applying is simple as all you need to do is fill out the application and post the results to social media with the hashtag #ApplyToXForce. You’re going to need to answer some interesting skill details that many will likely not have in their current daily lives.

Do you think that you have the right stuff to join ‘X-Force’? Could enough chimichangas be purchased to buy your way on the team? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

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