Stephen Amell Green Arrow

As previously reported, Stephen Amell is currently working on growing out his facial hair for ‘Arrow’ Season 7, giving the fans the classic Green Arrow look that has been lacking from the series from day one, though the argument can still be made that the look is not entirely necessary at this point. And even though Amell stated that he worried that the facial hair makes him look more like Avengers villain Thanos than the comic-book version of Oliver Queen, he still recently Tweeted out a new photo of the progress of his facial hair growth (which you can check out below), which honestly does not look as bad as he made it seem.

In true ‘Arrow’ fashion, the aesthetic will clearly be in favor of some broader thematic point, most likely a visual representation of how much time Oliver has been in prison for his “crimes” as the vigilante Green Arrow, with fans hoping that he will trim it down into the neat goatee of comic-book Oliver Queen once he inevitably gets released from prison, a look which he MAY keep for the rest of the series, at least if the glimpse into the future we got on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ still has any validity (in the future Star City of that episode, Oliver still sports the goatee). Of course, they could eventually just have him shave the whole thing off and go back to his classic series look next time Oliver has some massive epiphany and realize he needs to “get back to basics,” which seems to happen at least once or twice every few years. Personally, the facial hair, while somewhat visually intriguing, just is not going to make much difference for me in the aging series, and I hope they have more tricks up their sleeves going into Season 7. If the beard is the best that they bring, then we are in a lot of trouble for the coming season.