Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds caused all kinds of chaos as Wade Wilson in ‘Deadpool 2‘ but a moment that will now be cringeworthy to fans was when he broke a prop from the ‘X-Men’ franchise.

In the film, while the Merc with the Mouth was visiting the X-Mansion, Deadpool was playing around with Cerebro and broke it. Reynolds would later learn that he broke the actual original Cerebro helmet from the ‘X-Men’ movies that director David Leitch had his team borrow.

David Leitch: It always appealed to us, the idea of [Deadpool] misusing Cerebro essentially, not knowing what it’s actually for.

Ryan Reynolds: That was an actual accident on the day. I didn’t mean to do that at all. It just snapped.

Leitch: It was funny, we actually…That’s from the archive of [X-Men] stuff. They found it at the last second. So you actually broke an historical X-Men prop.

Reynolds: Oh great. Great! I’ll get a strongly written letter from Patrick Stewart.

At the very least, a stern look or two the next time you run across him.

I can understand not telling Reynolds this ahead of time, but I’d still love to have seen the face of those who knew it was real when it broke. Regardless, he played off breaking it by accident quite perfectly in the scene that we did end up seeing it!

Are you at all annoyed that the original Cerebro was damaged during the filming of ‘Deadpool 2’? Do you think the ‘X-Men’ team will continue to lend out any props after this happened? What other toys of the ‘X-Men’ would you like to see Wade misuse in his next outing? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

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Source: Cinema Blend