With the ninth season of ‘Doctor Who‘ debuting in two weeks, a new trailer for the opening episode, entitled ‘The Magician’s Apprentice,’ has been released .  For all the thrills, chills and action, there’s one very important element missing– The Doctor!

Here is the official synopsis for ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’:

“Where is the Doctor? When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend. But where is the Doctor, and what is he hiding from? As past deeds come back to haunt him, old enemies will come face-to-face, and for the Doctor and Clara survival seems impossible.”

What we do see is the return of Michelle Gomez as The Master (a.k.a. Missy), The Doctor’s archenemy who mysteriously presents Clara (Jenna Coleman) with a Confession Dial, which is only supposed to be accessed after The Doctor’s death.

Peter Capaldi, who plays The Doctor does reveal that his character is “about to make a mistake that has cataclysmic repercussions… [he is] running from something, that even he does not yet understand.”

Watch the trailer, but afterward be warned, there are some potential SPOILERS for the ninth season.  Proceed with caution!

Rumors have abounded that in this premier, The Doctor travels back in time to encounter a younger version of Davros, creator of the Daleks, the Time Lord’s greatest enemies.  Capaldi admits that his character will face a “conflict central to his being.”  Having to decide whether or not to kill a child he knows will one day become responsible for the deaths of millions certainly fits that bill.

Should The Doctor alter the timeline, that could certainly illicit the response Clara gives when she gasps, “What have you done?” at the end of the clip.

The first episode is a two-parter and as for the rest of the season, Capaldi simply teases an “epic sweep.”  But fans have two things to which to look forward.  First Alex Kingston reprises her beloved role as River Song for the Christmas episode.  While, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams will appear in an as-yet revealed role.

What else would you like to see occur in Season Nine?  Where do you stand on The Doctor’s rumored conundrum when faced with whether or not to eliminate the threat of Davros?

‘Doctor Who’ season 9 premieres September 19th, 2015 on BBC America.

Source: Screen Rant