Iron Fist

Netflix has unleashed a new trailer for ‘Iron Fist’ Season Two which guarantees to up the action.  Inspired by Matt Murdock’s seeming sacrifice at the end of ‘The Defenders’, Danny Rand has taken over as a defender of the streets.  But is he taking it too far?  Colleen seems to think so, as he has become obsessed and spends all of his time fighting crime.  He’ll need to snap out of it, when a figure from his past, Davos returns.

New showrunner Raven Metzner and star Finn Jones have stated that the series has addressed one of the biggest complaints about Season One, which was the lackluster fight sequences  Hopefully, new fight choreographer Clayton Barber will elevate this show, which is ostensibly built around martial arts to the level where it needs to be.

Also ramping things up will be two major threats.  Sacha Dhawan popped in Season One as Davos, a figure from Danny’s past in K’un-Lun, who was once like a brother to him.  But in this trailer, we get a look at the pair sparring and it’s not pretty.  Now Davos returns with an Iron Fist of his own, making him, as fans of the comics may recognize, Steel Serpent.

Joining the series for the first time is Alice Eve who portrays the sadistic killer Typhoid Mary, also known as Mary Walker, a criminal with multiple personalities.  Luckily, Danny has friends he can rely on including girlfriend Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and bionic-armed Misty Knight (Simone Missick).

Metzner said:

“I’m really excited for people to see this trailer as it really teases what this new season offers – an evolution for the series.  I really hope this gets people excited for what’s in store in Season 2 .  I’m just so proud of what we all made together and can’t wait until it premieres.”

The wait is over!


And the wait for new episodes is almost over too.  Season Two of ‘Iron Fist’ premieres in just weeks, on September 7.