Battle Angel Alita

Fans have had mixed responses regarding Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron live-action take of ‘Battle Angel Alita’ titled ‘Alita: Battle Angel.‘  Now, Yukito Kishiro who created the original manga GUNNM in 1990 which would later evolve into ‘Battle Angel Alita’ is weighing in on the film. While one thing did throw his opinion originally, it does appear that what he has seen so far is even better than he expected!

His first thought was the same as ours, what is up with those eyes?

“In the beginning, I was surprised because [Alita’s] eyes are big. But when I saw what scenes there are, I stopped noticing it. When Alita is wet in the scene where she’s exploring the spaceship sunk in the water, I started to think ‘Cute!’ I think everyone will come to like it soon.”

When the eyes stopped being a distraction, the creator was able to get into what else was shown in the most recent trailer and loved the “translucent depictions of the cyborg bodies, elaborate mechanics, and the amazing volume of information in the long shots of Iron City.”

The first shots from the film don’t just live up to what he created in his original work but feel that they’ve enhanced what he had in mind!

“When I saw high-quality representations of what I wanted to express in the original manga and illustrations but couldn’t, I thought, ‘Thank you! This is a video I wanted to see 30 years ago!’ and ‘I’m jealous of the film representation!'”

That is strong praise from one of the most well-known cyberpunk manga series to have been released to date. I fell in love with the anime shortly after it was initially released in the United States and ate up all of the manga as soon as I could after seeing it. This is a series that not only will be visually amazing but has an in-depth story which could easily carry through to turning this into a film franchise if the critical reviews and box office returns convince the studio that it is a good investment.

Does the creator of ‘Battle Angel Alita’ getting excited about this film ease any of your concerns about it? Do you think that ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ will be worth checking out on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

‘Alita: Battle Angel’ will be fighting its way onto the big screen in a very crowded holiday season on December 21st, 2018!

Source: Comic Book