We surprisingly learned quite early from Ryan Murphy that the upcoming season of ‘American Horror Story’ might be about though the director has now had to clarify his comments.

Originally, Murphy stated on “Watch What Happens Live” that Season 7 might be politically themed which lead everyone to think Donald Trump character would be involved, but now Murphy has said to not take those plot details quite so literally. It seems that booze may have had a factor when the comments were made:

“They gave me three martinis in 20 minutes! That’s not good.”

At the end of last week, Murphy clarified his statement while at the Publicists Guild Awards Luncheon in Beverly Hills where he was “accepting his award for Television Showmanship of the Year”:

“The themes of ‘American Horror Story’ have always been allegories. You will not see [Donald] Trump and [Hillary] Clinton as characters on the show.”

It suddenly isn’t so clear as if we’ll be having a political season after all with what he now stated. While we won’t actually see the 45th President or his opponent next season, it is unclear if the allegory comment means we’ll see two people set against one another in a competition or an actual election.

Murphy then couldn’t help but have fun at everyone’s expense, though, and as Sarah Paulson was handing him the award he joked:

“Now as I look over at Sarah Paulson, I think of Kellyanne Conway. I don’t know! I might be rewriting!”

I honestly think that an ‘American Horror Story’ election cycle would be worth a laugh and a cringe as they brought two candidates to the forefront of American politics in Murphy’s storytelling style.

Are you looking forward to ‘American Horror Story: Election Season’ or do you think that Murphy couldn’t pull it off without referencing last year’s election? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IndieWire

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