The reboot of ‘Charmed‘ has been steadily coming along and we’ve just learned that the writer’s room has a unique perspective for the series as an actual witch is helping pen the episodes!

The information was revealed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour from executive producers Jennie Snyder Urman, Jessica O’Toole, and Amy Rardin. According to Rardin, “We actually have a Latino witch on our writing staff.” O’Toole added in that, “They would meet once a week and do spells and put energy out there towards goals that they wanted to accomplish.”

We’ll see if writer Marcos Luevanos, who was identified as the witch in question, can work his magic on making the ‘Charmed’ reboot successful on the big screen.

O’Toole went on to share:

“Look, they’re witches, but humans, you know. We have all kinds as far as belief systems in our room. We have people who really think, if you manifest something, it happens. We have more traditional religious people in the room. We have skeptics. It’s very much like what we have on the show. So I think it’s wonderful to hear everyone’s feelings. This is a room where we meditate at the beginning of the day.”

Having a diverse opinion on a subject that will have a lot of diversity at the very least will lead to some true interactions between the characters in the show. Also, the term “warlock” for a male witch is apparently discouraged by those who practice these things which could be interesting if it pops up in the series.

Do you think that having a real witch will land an air of authenticity to the ‘Charmed’ reboot? Is this just a PR stunt or are they actually using his insight for the show? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Syfy