Ant-Man 3

Don’t expect more supersized Scott Lang in ‘Ant-Man 3’ as it sounds like the movie plans to go small. In fact, the focus seems to be fully on the Quantum Realm. Kevin Feige has previously hinted that Easter Eggs for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were found in the Quantum Realm so it would only make sense that they’d be returning there.

Stephen Broussard shared that the lack of explaining and showing off the Quantum Realm and how Janet van Dyne survived was done on purpose. Their goal was to whet our appetites and get us ready to want to know more about it in the endcap of the trilogy.

According to Broussard:

“I think there’s more to do there. At this point of the process with the first Ant-Man, based on a glimmer of what you saw if you froze your DVD at the right place, we had the idea of ‘What if part two was about finding Janet?’ And it was an inkling of an idea. Nothing’s been announced; I’m not coyly sitting on any announcement. There really is no plans for the next one, but you can’t help but talk as filmmakers and creative people about where you would go next if you ever got the opportunity.
And we talk a lot about the Quantum Realm and there would be perhaps more opportunity to go down there. Maybe there’s more down there than we realized. Clearly, Janet’s been up to something and has different clothes on and some weapons. Where did those come from? And similarly, if you look at the right moment and freeze the DVD in a certain place, maybe you’ll see something else as well that could tip a hat to where the story could go.”

The third movie for ‘Ant-Man’ has yet to be confirmed, but Marvel Studios likes to make their stand alone films as trilogies so far. While the sophomore outing has only made $448 million at the box office which was short of the $71 million the first installment made, it still hasn’t been fully released across the globe at this time. Even with that in mind, it still has made money at this point of its release schedule. With the Chinese release date slated for August 24th, 2018 and Japan following on the 31st, there are still two important markets to see an increase in box office stales.

That isn’t even counting other smaller markets which still have yet to release the film.

Are you looking forward to a third ‘Ant-Man’ movie with a focus on the Quantum Realm? Can you think of any areas which will end up getting explored in the third film from the hints that we’ve been given from it? Do you plan on watching the scenes for the Quantum Realm in slow motion when you can take the movie home? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant