The Space Between Us

When I was compiling my list of most anticipated films of the year (that didn’t have superheroes in them), ‘The Space Between Us’ from ‘Serendipity’ director Peter Chelsom and ‘Wall Street: Money Never Dies’ writer Allan Loeb caught my eye because I’m a sucker for a good romantic story. At the time, there was only a brief description to go off of, but now we have our first look at what is being described as being a “star-crossed science fiction love story” thanks to the first trailer for the movie.

Earlier this week, STX Entertainment released the first trailer for their interplanetary romance starring ’Ender’s Game’ star Asa Butterfield as he plays a young boy who grows up on Mars that decides to go to Earth after communicating a girl from Colorado played by Britt Robertson of ‘Tomorrowland’. However, his journey becomes a race against the clock when his Martian physiology is threatened by Earth’s conditions. Aside from this interesting story, the film also boasts an all-star cast of extremely talented individuals beyond the two leads such as Gary Oldman, B.D. Wong, and Carla Gugino. You can check out our first look at this out of this world tale below:

Gardner Elliot, the first human born on Mars, is secretly raised in an experimental colony after his astronaut mother dies during childbirth. Sixteen years later, Gardner begins an online romance with a girl living in Colorado and hatches a plan to travel across the universe to meet her. Now, on the run, with Earth’s gravity threatening his very existence, Gardner must race against time and nature to find his love and win her heart. Once united, the two teens venture to seek out the enigmatic billionaire who funded the original expedition to Mars, in hopes of uncovering information about Gardner’s mother and the mysterious circumstances surrounding how Gardner came into existence.

What do you think about this first look at ‘The Space Between Us’? Are you looking forward to seeing this pair from two different planets come together and each learn about a whole new world out there? Let us know in the comments below.

‘The Space Between Us’ starring Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino, B.D. Wong, and Janet Montgomery splashes down on August 19, 2016.

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