Michael Bay
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Michael Bay is looking to continue making you jump without loud explosions as he is working with Paramount to make a new horror film titled ‘Meet Jimmy.’ This director, who has been known for action films for quite some time before perfecting his brand of visual entertainment in the ‘Transformers’ franchise, is all set to take the plunge into horror.

To create this film, Paramount is putting ‘Meet Jimmy’ into development with Platinum Dunes in hopes of producing a movie that can achieve the same kind of success that ‘A Quiet Place‘ did.

At this time, Bronsgeest is set to direct the film from a script that is being put together by Koomen as well as the writing team of Shawn and Michael Rasmussen. The movie already has a huge production team involved including Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller from Platinum Dunes. Picture Company’s Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman are also involved, and Good Fear’s Jake Wagner and Scott Stoops will be executive producers. Finally, Koomen will be a co-producer with Paramount’s Ashley Brucks on board to oversee the project for the studio.

‘Meet Jimmy’ is based on a short horror film by Dutch filmmakers David-Jan Bronsgeest and Tim Koomen which was being sold in a very active bidding war that Paramount won. The movie is an entirely modern day horror film with a focus “on a podcast that generates horrific consequences for listeners.”

Not only does Paramount think that this film could spawn a new franchise but feel that Bay’s Platinum Dunes is the perfect company to produce it after they oversaw John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ for the studio which was able to gross $330 million at the box office.

Do you think that ‘Meet Jimmy’ sounds like a fun horror film with podcasts becoming increasingly popular in recent years? Can the studio continue the trend of making lower budget horror films successful as Blumhouse had been doing? Will Paramount and Platinum Dunes find the same kind of success that they did in ‘A Quiet Place’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety