Robert Englund Has A Freddy Krueger Film Idea - That He'd Return For!

For years Robert Englund has stated that he has hung up the striped sweater, fedora, and claw for good but now the actor is changing his tune. It seems he’s had a dream, or perhaps a nightmare, of one iteration of Freddy Krueger which he’d be willing to return for. While it isn’t likely to happen at this point, the actor did share the details at the 2018 Summer Television Critics Association press tour.

He shared the idea during the panel for AMC’s ‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror’ and stated:

“If I had an Eli Roth budget, I would have cast different actors to play Freddy for every potential victim. Because Freddy is only alive in the imagination of his future victim. They would talk about it at a slumber party or in a locker room at school, or on the bus going home. All we know about this Fred Krueger is he wears a hat, wears a red and green striped sweater and has a clawed hand. That’s the specifics.”

This is a brilliant idea. Everyone out there has their own fears and insecurities so a Freddy Krueger that was meant to terrify kids would probably look different to each of his victims.

“So it could be a red and green cardigan for one Freddy. It could be an old tattered baseball cap for another Freddy. Freddy could be tall; he could be short, he could be overweight, he could be muscular. Every one of the victims could have a different Freddy they imagined. And you could haunt them with that Freddy.”

As to when Englund himself would appear, the demonic creature that he became was once human so:

“And then at the end, it would be the ultimate victim, and we see Freddy peel [his face] open, and maybe it’s yours truly revealed. And it’s the essence of Freddy.”

With how poorly the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ reboot was received, I think we can all agree that Englund is “the essence of Freddy” and this would be a great way to push the film forward while also honoring its roots.

Would this be a soft reboot of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ which you could get behind? Is the idea unique enough to give us a new set of horror films while also honoring the originals? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Nerdist