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Rebecca Ferguson has many reasons to celebrate.  Her second ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie, subtitled ‘Fallout’ is #1 at the box office and now she has two more big roles lined up.  She is joining the casts of the Stephen King adaptation ‘Doctor Sleep’ and the new ‘Men in Black’ spin-off.

It was reported in June that Ferguson was up for the female lead role in Mike Flanagan‘s ‘Doctor Sleep’.  That deal has now been finalized.  Ewan McGregor stars as Danny Torrance, the grown up version of the young psychic boy in King’s ‘The Shining’.  Ferguson will play the villainous Rose the Hat, leader of a cult that feeds off the “steam” or psychic energy that gifted individuals like Danny give off when they die.  The cast also includes Alex Essoe, Carl Lumbly, and Zahn McClarnon.

Ferguson’s part in ‘Men in Black’ was not disclosed, although it is said to be a “key role.”  Chris Hemsworth stars as suave Agent H, while Tessa Thompson plays Molly or Em, an alien invasion conspiracy theorist who wants to become a ‘MiB’.  The cast also includes Emma Thompson who reprises her role of Agent O from ‘Men in Black III’ and Kumail Nanjiani as an alien named Pawny.  Liam Neeson and ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”s Rafe Spall are also cast in undisclosed roles.  F. Gary Gray is directing.

Ferguson hit the big time playing Ilsa Faust in 2015’s ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’.  She was reportedly up for the role of ‘Captain Marvel’ for Disney/Marvel Studios, but that part went to Brie Larson.  She was also reportedly eyed for a role in ‘Alien: Covenant’, possibly Daniels, the role that went to Katherine Waterston.  But Ferguson did star in another alien thriller, ‘Life’.  She turned down Fox’s ‘Gambit’ movie to make ‘The Girl on the Train’.  She also co-starred with Michael Fassbender in the thriller ‘The Snowman’ and she appeared in one of the biggest hits of last fall, ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Warner Brothers’ ‘Doctor Sleep’ is scheduled to open on January 4, 2020.  Columbia Pictures untitled ‘Men in Black’ spin-off is due to open on May 14, 2019.

Source: Deadline